So Far This Fall

Fall is my favorite season. Hands down. Below are a couple fun fall festivities that I’ve documented (or, really my friends documented, sometimes I am terrible at taking pictures).

Halloween 5K

Last Saturday I ran with a group of friends in a costume 5K. I dressed up as a student (my mom didn’t think that counted as a costume since I really could be a student). I wore a Harvard sweatshirt, my glasses, and a backpack, which isn’t featured in the picture below. ┬áMy original costume idea was no where to be found at Target, so I had to improvise on the morning of the race.

Group shot of some of the runners.

Deep Creek & Hunter’s Birthday

To celebrate Hunter’s birthday, a group of us went up to Deep Creek. We biked, kayaked, star-gazed, power-walked, ate, mountain-coastered, and all-in-all had a really great time. The leaves were changing colors and seemed to get more beautiful by the hour. This was probably my favorite weekend so far this fall. There’s something about getting out of the city with great people that does my soul some good.

Group shot at the top of the mountain.
Group shot at the top of the mountain.



Fall Band Performance
KJ and I at a marching band show.

This fall has been quite a family-centered one, which has been really nice. My youngest brother is a senior in high school. It’s his second year as drum major, and this fall I’ve had the opportunity to see him lead the band a number of times. I must say it’s been a highlight of some of my weeks to go to the high school football games and watch him perform with my family.

This fall my other brother returned home from Oregon, where he served a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My whole family went to the airport to pick him up and welcome him home. With him home from his mission, our whole family is once again back together in Virginia. I don’t think we’ve all been living in the same state since before my older sister went off to college.

Family at Airport
Waiting at the airport.

It’s late…

My Grandpa Morgan passed away this past summer. Ever since my Grandpa’s funeral, I’ve felt I needed to start blogging. I had begun a different blog back in February of 2012. I wrote one post and never touched that blog again. I wanted to start it up again but couldn’t remember my login or the email I used to create the blog. So today I begin posting “Moments of Meghan.” The purpose of this blog is to record moments of my life – big or small – that mean something to me. I look forward to beginning this blogging journey, but right now, it’s late, and I have got to get to bed. Until next time!