Christmas 2013

Me and my mom at the National Christmas Tree.
Me and my mom at the National Christmas Tree.

It’s December 26, and I am already beginning to miss Christmas. Beginning Thanksgiving weekend, this Christmas season was filled with holiday excitement. Some highlights include picking out a real live Christmas tree with Hunter and Keri; decorating the Christmas tree with Hunter; going with Jen to An Evening in December presented by Ellie Lofaro at the Cherrydale Baptist Church; visiting the national Christmas Tree with my mom and sister on the Saturday before Christmas (it was the first day of Winter, but 65 degrees outside!); participating in the Messiah sing-a-long at the Kennedy Center with Jonathan; and my favorite, singing carols about Jesus Christ’s birth with family and friends on Christmas Eve (and throughout the whole month of December).

Siblings on Christmas Eve
Siblings on Christmas Eve

On the first Sunday of December, I watched this short film (below) about the birth of Jesus Christ, and right before I went to sleep last night on Christmas Day, I watched it again. I appreciated the spirit that filled my heart as I watched it the first time and as I watched it again. I love how Mary says, “Be it unto me according to thy word.”…what faith! This year, I think more so than others, I thought about all the people involved in the story of Christ’s birth — Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds, the wise men, and the children killed by command of Herod the king, as well as their families. While we focus on Jesus Christ (as we rightfully should), I’ve thought about how the lives of these other individuals greatly affect my life today. To each of them, I am truly thankful. Merry Christmas!

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