Proud to be an American

This weekend was full of patriotic activities. I live just about 10 miles outside of DC and work on Capitol Hill, yet sometimes I don’t think I take full advantage of the opportunity to experience all the neat sites in our nation’s capitol.

On Saturday, I went with a group of girls from church to tour the Capitol. Even though I grew up in this area, I don’t recall ever touring the Capitol. Below are two pictures. The first is a picture of all of us who were on the tour. The second is me and my fellow Virginian Jessica with one of my favorite Virginians of history, Robert E. Lee.

RS Capitol Tour

Capitol with Jessica

On Friday, Hunter and I went to breakfast at Ted’s Bulletin in Eastern Market and then went and toured the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress is one of the most architecturally beautiful buildings I’ve been to in DC. The picture below gives you a glimpse of just how beautiful this building is.

Library of Congress

I am really grateful for the opportunity I had to spend time in DC this weekend and think about the amazing history that surrounded the creation of this country and the way that history affects my life today.

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