Spring Has Sprung

This weekend it feels like spring has officially started. This was one cold winter, and I am glad spring is finally here. I love going on walks (it’s probably my favorite pastime), and Saturday morning I went walking down by the river. The scenery was beautiful. Then that night, my mom and I went walking in DC.

Mom and Meg

I love when the fountains are on.
I love when the fountains are on.

But the real reason it feels like spring has started isn’t necessarily because of warmer weather, but because this weekend was General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (of which I am a member). Twice a year we “gather” as a church to listen to the prophet, apostles, and other church leaders speak. I put the word “gather” in quotes because while we don’t all go to the same location to participate in General Conference, the conference is broadcast all throughout the world for all to participate in.

I saw an article going around on Facebook comparing General Conference talks to TED talks, which I think is a great comparison. Two of my favorite talks from General Conference include this one on what it means to be truly grateful and this one on love and kindness. General Conference is twice a year – the first weekend in April and the first weekend in October. To me, April General Conference always marks the start of spring.

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