What Easter Means To Me: It all comes down to one word

As I’ve prepared for Easter this week, my mind has been focused on the effect of Jesus Christ’s life, death, and resurrection on my life. This video (see below) has been all over my facebook newsfeed and the vast majority of my friends’ posts have included the hashtag #BecauseofHim. Naturally, my thoughts have reflected upon the question: What do I have because of Him?

The answer to the question what do I have because of Jesus Christ, boils down to one word: Everything. While it can be so easy to look at life and see what we lack, the truth is because of Christ, each one of us has everything. Because of Him, our trials and challenges can be for our good and blessing; our tears can be turned to joys; all of our sins can be forgiven; our weaknesses can become strengths; our broken hearts can be mended; our emptiness can be made whole. And this is made possible not because we lived perfect lives, never doubted, or never feared, but because of Jesus Christ. That is the miracle of Easter.

Our Father in Heaven knew we would come down to this earth and face challenges and make mistakes.Through Christ’s suffering and then rising on the third day, we can receive everything if we will believe in Him. I believe that we lived with God before we came to this earth and my greatest desire is to return to Him with my family — that to me sounds like the greatest blessing imaginable. And to know that blessing is made possible only through Jesus Christ, to me, that means everything.

Jesus Christ 2

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