Simple Spring Moments

On Sunday evening, I went with my parents to Lake Fairfax. It was a beautiful night, and it was fun to have time to spend with just my parents. They are THE best.

Mom and Dad

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to use my lunch break to take a walk. I walked down to the U.S. Bontanic Garden and they were having a hydrangea exhibit. Hydrangeas are probably one of my most favorite flower, so this was a nice surpise.

Hydrangea 1

Hydrangea 2

Hydrangea 3

Two of my favorite guys are graduating from medical school (graduation is today in fact). Last Friday was their last day working in the hospital before graduation, so we went out to dinner to celebrate. We headed to BJ’s. For dessert we ordered six pizookies – one of each of BJ’s flavors. Delicious!

Med School Celebration

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