A Fallen Tree and the Tender Mercy I Missed

A couple Fridays ago, a great tender mercy (a.k.a. blessing or miracle) occurred in my life. On this particular day, as I was driving to work, I made a conscious decision to park a little bit further from the metro than I typically do. I was participating in a walking challenge at work and wanted to get as many steps as possible. All week long I had parked in this one particular spot. However, on this morning, there was a dad and his son standing on the side of the road right where I wanted to park. They were waiting for the school bus. Consequently, I decided to park somewhere different.

That afternoon as I walked up the hill to get to my car, I noticed a portion of the street was blocked off. This portion happened to be right where I was originally planning to park on this particular morning. As I got closer, I realized this portion of the street was closed due to a fallen down tree. Had I parked where I had originally planned, my car would have been damaged by a fallen branch. What a tender mercy! Had I arrived even just a few minutes later or earlier on that morning, the father and his son wouldn’t have been standing on the side of the road, and I would have parked in that specific spot. I called my mom and told her what happened and offered a silent prayer of gratitude on my way home.

The next morning as I was getting ready, I realized two tender mercies had occurred the day prior. The first being that my car was not damaged. The second, and perhaps the even greater tender mercy that I had overlooked, was that I got to see the fallen down tree. Had the clean-up crew removed the tree before I arrived, would the first tender mercy still have occurred? Yes. But would I have known about it? No. As I thought about this experience, it made me wonder how many times tender mercies occur that I don’t see. I was reminded to have faith and to believe in miracles. I love this short video that reminds me that the Lord’s tender mercies are real and are all-encompassing.

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