End of October Moments

I feel like 2014 has flown by. It’s hard to believe in some ways that there are only two months left in this year. Right now I am enjoying my favorite season – fall. Although, I feel like the weather has been quite inconsistent. Some days it’s super hot and other days it’s very chilly.

Last Saturday was one of the more warm days. It was also the Ghost 5K in Leesburg. My sister started a tradition with her friends of running in this costume 5K each year. I’ve participated for the last two years. This year’s group was a little smaller than normal. Below is a picture of those of us who participated. I was a bumble bee. Last year, I was a college student. I wore a Harvard sweatshirt, glasses, and ran with my backpack on. I was told that wasn’t a very creative costume since I could in actuality be a college student, so this year I tried to be a little more creative (a big thanks should go to my coworker who provided me with this costume).



I am not the biggest fan of running, but was grateful the weather was nice for this run. As a side note, my friend started a blog called “The Faith Friends,” and she asked me to be a contributor. I post every other Wednesday. Last week I posted two lessons I learned about life and faith while running this race. You can check it out here.

Last Sunday we celebrated the fall birthdays of the VA/DC Morgans and Wagners. My dad, Ross, and Carl all had birthdays in October. And Morgan and Tyler had their birthdays in September. It was a really fun night! I appreciate living so close to both my immediate and some of my extended family. We had delicious asian cuisine followed by pie. Below is a group selfie Carl took at the dining room table as we were all eating together.


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