Memorial Day Weekend: IOWA

For Memorial Day Weekend, I went with my favorite Iowan (and favorite person in general) to Iowa. I rode in a car for 26 hours (13 hours each way) in the course of 96 hours. John was a trooper and drove the full 26 hours. We left on Friday from Virginia, spent Saturday and Sunday in Iowa, and returned on Monday. I love the Midwest and had a great time with John and his family. Spending time in the Midwest helped me realize I need to slow down a bit more and enjoy each moment of life.

On Saturday, we started the morning off with breakfast and a game of croquet in John’s parents’ backyard. I am sad I never got a picture of the backyard because it is beautiful. Their house backs up to a golf course. We then toured Davenport and hopped on the Celebration Belle for a riverboat ride along the Mississippi. That afternoon we visited a friend of the Longeneckers, got ice cream at Whitey’s (amazing!), and picked up John’s grandma for pizza at Happy Joes. On Sunday, we headed to church and afterwards had a cook out at John’s grandparent’s farm. We then played a rousing game of Uno, which was interrupted by a Tornado Warning.

It was a very fast but wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! Below are a few pictures. I really wish I had taken more.

My view for 26 hours - the road trip warrior!
My view for 26 hours – the road trip warrior!
It was a bit windy...
It was a bit windy…
…so we decided to face the other direction.
…so we decided to face the other direction.
Here we are with John’s mom’s parents.
Here we are with John’s Dad’s Mom.

2015 Springtime Catch-up

I haven’t done the best job of updating this blog, and to be honest, I haven’t done the best job of taking pictures to put on the blog. Life has been very full recently, but in all really, really good ways.

About a month and a half ago, John and I went to the Air and Space Museum in DC. I have zero pictures from the excursion, but I really enjoyed perusing the exhibits. My Grandpa Morgan helped work on Apollo missions during his career as a mechanical engineer. As we walked around the museum, all I could do was think about him and his life. He passed about two years ago this month, and I miss him.

Later in April, my friends hosted a color dinner. I actually happen to have a picture of my sister’s plate. This is the second color dinner my friends have hosted. The premise is basically you pick a color and pretty much everything in the meal has that color in it. This time the color was red.


In the middle of May, there was a flyover of WWII planes to commemorate Victory Day. My coworkers and I went to the roof of our building and had an awesome view of the flyover. The pictures below were taken by my boss.

VE Day Flyover in DC 031

VE Day Flyover in DC 016

VE Day Washington DC 058

On that same day, Keri organized a group to go to the Nationals Game. The Nats had a great evening! The weather was perfect. Baseball is one of my favorite sports to watch in person.