A New Journey Begins

About a year ago, my sister jokingly sent me a text saying she had found my future husband. My sister and I attend the same church congregation, and on a Sunday when I was out of town, a guy, who had recently moved into our congregation, gave a talk during the service. After hearing his talk and knowing he was from Iowa (I love Iowa), my sister sent me “the text.” Little did she or I know how fortuitous that text would be.

I had previously met this guy (John) a few weeks prior to my sister’s text. I recognized he seemed like a great guy but our social interactions were very limited outside of church. At the beginning of 2015, we started interacting with each other a bit more. Shortly after the start of the year, we took a road trip to Kirtland, Ohio with a group of friends. We rode together and spent seven hours there and seven hours back just talking about all sorts of topics. It’s amazing what you can learn about someone in 14 hours in a car!

Shortly after returning home from Kirtland, we went on our first date. Things progressed from there, and on the 4th of July, John and I got engaged. We’re getting married October 24 in the Washington DC LDS Temple.

It’s funny because John and I both remember meeting each other a little over a year ago. I thought he seemed like a cool guy and he thought I was very “bubbly.” Honestly, I know that neither of us had any clue during that initial meeting how drastically our lives would change as a result.

I made him take a selfie with me after he proposed.
I made him take a selfie with me after he proposed.
The ring :)
The ring 🙂

On the day of my first date with John, I went to a Chinese restaurant with my coworkers. The fortune inside of the fortune cookie I received at lunch that day said, “Your dearest wish will come true.” My dearest wish has always been to be a wife and a mother. What a fun coincidence receiving this fortune cookie was 😉

In the days since John proposed, I’ve been so overwhelmed by all the kind well-wishes I’ve received. From friends sending links to helpful websites in the wedding planning process to a book of wedding wishes, the response has been so touching.

I am very grateful I can marry John, and I am very grateful to friends and family who have celebrated with me since hearing the news. People are seriously so thoughtful and kind. I am excited for this new journey and grateful I get to embark on it with John.



2 thoughts on “A New Journey Begins

  1. Lynda Mac Kay Toups July 12, 2015 / 11:23 am

    Morgan! I am so happy you found each other! What a beautiful couple you make!! The Washington DC Temple is my favorite!! We may be there during that time. It would be awesome to be there going through a session on that same day! Thank you so much for sharing your engagement! What an awesome man! You two are so blessed!! I love Pinterest! Great ideas and I found my dress at a thrift store and it was perfect for me. Only 79.00! We saved money so we could make our honeymoon and seeing all our family afforadable! Have fun planning! Hope all the Nauvoo sisters can come!! Please send me an address so I can send a gift just in case we miss each other!!

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