When Faith is Required

I posted this on The Faith Friends this morning. Since it’s been something I’ve really been thinking about, I figured I would post it here too.


I had an epiphany earlier this week. The epiphany came as a result of something I’ve always known, however, I didn’t fully understand. Even still I am not sure I fully understand.

It occurred to me that real faith can only be exhibited in darkness. If our path is lit and we can see clearly the next step, we do not need faith; we know what the next step will be.

God placed us here on earth to exercise faith.  Yet sometimes when the path is dark, I find myself struggling to be happy and feel loved by God. But I know that faith is a necessary part of our loving Father in Heaven’s plan. I realized this week that I must cherish the opportunities to exercise faith. And instead of focusing my prayers solely on asking for the path to be lit, I need to also ask that my faith will be strengthened to endure the darkness.


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