Grateful, Quiet Moments

I’ve done a poor job at keeping this blog up to date. I hope to write a more in-depth post this weekend. Life has been busy. From stuffing wedding invitations to taste tests (my most favorite part of wedding planning!) to moving, I feel like life has been a whirlwind. But in the midst of feeling frazzled by everything that needs to get done, there are quiet moments when I feel so grateful for the person I am marrying and the place where I get to marry him. I love this picture below of John because I “sneakily” (or really not so sneakily) took it at a high school cheerleading competition. We went to support my sister, who coaches cheerleading at a local high school. I love this picture because never once on this night did he ever complain about going to the competition, even though I am 99 percent sure that wasn’t his idea of a good time 😉


I hope that wasn’t too mushy. I really don’t want to be mushy. I just want to remember these quiet moments of gratitude. Hopefully I’ll write a longer update this weekend…

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