Days 7 and 8: 100 Moments of Joy (What’s going right)

I am combining yesterday’s and today’s entry because I was so tired last night, I fell asleep without even getting ready for bed. The moments of joy I felt yesterday and today came as I thought about what is going right in life. I think it’s easy to see all that’s going wrong sometimes and to get caught up in that. Yesterday evening was a perfect example. Let me explain… A while back we ordered John a white shirt from Macy’s for the wedding. Yesterday evening when he went to try on the shirt, we realized they sent us the wrong shirt and the wrong size. We went to the store and were not able to find the right shirt in the right size. We called Macy’s corporate customer service line and they were of no help. We ended up buying the shirt he wanted in a smaller size that he can make work for the wedding day. Then when we went home to try on the suit we received from the tailor, and we noticed some not so minor flaws. I recognize these are tiny bumps along the road and in the scheme of things aren’t that big of a deal. But in the moment, they felt like a big deal. However, joy and peace came when I remembered all that is going well in life. This Saturday, John and I are getting married, and that is the greatest blessing I could ask for.

Today at church, we sang one of my favorite hymns. The song is entitled “Because I Have Been Given Much.” While singing I felt joy and was reminded to focus on what I’ve been given and ways in which I can use those blessings to serve. Here’s a rendition of that song…

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