Days 12 and 13: 100 Moments of Joy (Beautiful Sky and Family)

Yesterday evening John and I picked up his Uncle David from the airport. As we drove, there was the most beautiful sunset. I am a sucker for a beautiful sky. Seeing a beautiful sky makes me feel so close to heaven. It was a true treat.





Today I spent the day with my family. We ate lunch at Carolina Brothers BBQ. My Uncle Carl worked so hard arranging all the flowers for my wedding. We hung out, and we had a bonfire tonight in my parents backyard. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. I loved today. Being with my family and extended family and close friends brought true joy.





I am going to take a hiatus from updating my blog daily with moments of joy. But I’ll start up again probably November 1.

Tomorrow is a big day. One I’ve waited for my whole life, and one I am certain will be joyful. I am laying in my bed as I type this and looking at my wedding dress hanging on my door. People have asked me today if I am nervous, and the answer is no. Marrying John feels so normal. I just feel calm and like everything is normal.

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