Day 14: 100 Moments of Joy (Nothing Extraordinary)

It’s time to start up again my “100 Moments of Joy” project reflecting on joy for 100 days. I took a hiatus to get married and spend time with my husband… I’m still getting used to saying that 🙂 Before beginning this up again, I wanted to write a blog post on the wedding and express my sincerest appreciation for everyone in our lives who made our wedding experience absolutely wonderful. I am not certain when I’ll get that post complete, so I am relaunching this project today.

Today I felt joy as I walked from the metro to my car. The weather was beautiful, and I felt so thankful for the simplicity and constancy of life right now. I know that life has many ups and downs, and life can change in an instant. I appreciate the moments of steadiness when nothing extraordinary is going on. I am learning to appreciate these moments more and more. I think part of this feeling of joy also stemmed from the fact on the metro ride home, I looked through photos from our wedding day that my family posted in a shared album. The one below particularly warmed my heart!

Love that family of mine!

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