Days 15, 16, and 17: 100 Moments of Joy

I am a few days behind in my posts, but I have been thinking a lot about joy lately.

Day 15 was Friday. I had the opportunity to go to a friend’s bridal shower. As I listened to her tell her and her fiance’s love story, I felt joy as I thought about my and John’s story. She talked about how love was more natural feeling and a different feeling than she expected. John is the only guy I’ve ever said “I love you” to. (To all you grammar folks, I am sorry I ended that sentence in a preposition! I am tired…) I remember exactly where we were when I first said it. I too would agree with my friend that love for me was a way more natural and calm feeling than perhaps I anticipated. I felt joy as I drove home from the bridal shower knowing that I was driving home to the one I love (and I was extra excited because he had been gone last week traveling for work).

Day 16 was Saturday. It was a busy and productive day. In the afternoon, we sat down to watch the Iowa game, and I promptly fell asleep. Clearly, the excitement for the game was more than I could handle 😉 When I woke up from the nap, I felt a tad grumpy. I knew what I needed was to go on a walk, and the brisk fall air would take away my moodiness. It was dusk, my favorite time of day, and the weather was truly fall-like. As I walked about listening to my favorite Pandora station (Ben Rector), my heart felt so full of gratitude for all that I have. Sometimes these moments of joy hit me at the most random times and my heart just feels like it’s overflowing. Yesterday, during my walk, was one of those times.

Today I felt joy as I sat around a fire with my parents, sister, and John. We roasted hot dogs, talked, and enjoyed the beautiful fall weather. It was a very nice Sunday, and I really don’t want the weekend to be over 🙂

I know that life isn’t joyful all of the time, and my goal in writing these posts isn’t to make it seem like my life is moment after moment of joy. Rather I am writing about these joyful moments to help me stop and look for joy more fully in my life. I feel like I’ve been living life at too fast of a pace and haven’t stopped to soak in joy. So I am stopping and searching for joy each day.


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