Days 18 and 19: 100 Moments of Joy (Making a House a Home)

Yesterday I felt joy as I rearranged the furniture in my bedroom. I know that sounds like kind of a silly thing. But one of my most favorite activities is turning a house into a home. I am sitting on my bed as I write this and feel truly at home. Home has always been a safe place for me and truly a respite from the world. I believe our homes can be some of the most sacred places on earth – for example, the place I pray more than anywhere else in the world is in my bedroom.

Today I felt joy as I cleaned out the refrigerator. Sitting on the top shelf was the Longeneckers’ (John’s parents) corsage and boutonniere from John’s and my wedding. Looking at them reminded me of what a special day that was in our lives.

From our wedding day.

p.s. In other “joyful” news, the Iowa Hawkeyes are ranked 5th in the nation. I’ve never closely watched or rooted for a college football team, but since I married John things have changed 😉

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