Days 55-58: 100 Moments of Joy

We’re in Iowa to celebrate Christmas with John’s family. On Saturday, we had our Iowa Open House to celebrate our wedding. It was a long day but a fun one. I hardly knew anyone, but it was great to meet people who’ve influenced John’s life.

Now, to catch up on my “100 Moments of Joy” project…

December 18: The car ride to Iowa provided us with some beautiful scenery. My favorite was the sunset we saw. I love the sky, and it’s beauty helps me to feel joy and feel of the grandeur of God.

A blurry picture of the sunset I tried to capture.

December 19: Saturday was the day of our Iowa Open House. All of the wedding festivities, including this one, have brought joy. Over and over again I have been touched by the generosity and kindness of those who have celebrated with us.

A selfie before the Open House.

December 20: Before church, I read an article in the Ensign (LDS Church magazine) that touched my heart and brought joy as I reflected on the counsel given.

December 21: Last night (into early this morning) John and I stayed up just talking. Life is busy for us (as it is for everyone!) and it is nice to not have any looming deadlines in front of us right now.


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