Days 73-79: 100 Moments of Joy

This entire last week I was in Tucson, Arizona for work. I was looking forward to the warmth and sun, but it was pretty cold and rainy nearly the entire time.

Day 73: On Monday, I had an inspiring conversation with a faculty member at my work program. He is so positive and happy on a consistent basis. I know his family faces some real struggles, but I am always so impressed by his joy. His joy is contagious and helps me feel joyful.

Day 74: On Tuesday night, we headed to a Mexican restaurant (it’s tradition!) for some delicious food. I believe that joy always surrounds large gathering of friends enjoying a delicious meal together. It was a fun night.

Mexican Dinner

Day 75: This day was a long day. It’s the graduation night for the fourth-year participants in the Institute program. Hearing the graduation speeches always brings joy because their speeches remind me that what I do does make a difference in the lives of others.

Pic 2
It’s tradition for our work team to take a “selfie” after the Graduation ceremony.

Day 76: It rained and rained and rained on this day. When I arrived back at the hotel, the staff had warm apple cider ready for our group. In fact, each day we returned to the hotel, the staff had some sort of delicious treat for us. Their kindness brought joy at the end of long days and inspired me to think of ways I could go above and beyond in my job to make others feel special.

Day 77: I returned home! I was excited to get home and see John. John knew it had been a long day and week for me, so he planned a special night for us. His thoughtfulness brought joy.

Day 78: Saturday was awesome. It was nice to be home. We relaxed in the morning and spent the afternoon running errands. I made Beef Stroganoff for dinner. I was a little nervous about it, but it turned out great. I’ve never been much of a cook. But getting married has prompted me to expand my cooking abilities. When I make meals for the first time, and they turn out, I feel so proud and happy. This was one of those happy times. I can’t say the same for dinner the next night 😉 And to be honest, I am a bit nervous about tonight’s meal too…

Pic 1
While we were out running errands, we ran into this 13 foot nutcracker on sale for $800.

Day 79: I always love Sundays. We have church at 1 p.m. this year (the congregations in our church building rotate times annually). This allowed John and I to have a relaxing morning. I made German Pancakes for John. I don’t think he loves them as much as I do 🙂 In the evening, we listened to the Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults. Listening to the speakers brought joy as I was reminded to exercise faith and believe that God has a divine plan for my life and all of His children here on earth. As we exercise faith, God will help us achieve what otherwise may seem impossible. This reminder brought joy and peace. You can watch the devotional here.

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