Snowzilla: Winter Storm Jonas 2016

All in all we got at least 30 inches of snow this weekend. The crazy thing about this storm wasn’t just the amount of snow fall, but was also the wind that accompanied the storm. To put this in perspective, our apartment comlpex has a covered garage, yet many cars inside are covered in inches of snow that was blown in during the storm.

We spent our weekend safely indoors. We watched many episodes of Leverage (my favorite show on Netflix), played multiple rounds of card games, cooked/baked, and even put up our new headboard that’s been sitting in a box. Below are some pictures from Snowzilla 2016.


Our “roasting fire.” It made us feel cozy, and it even made fire crackle sounds 🙂
We parked John’s uncle’s van in our visitor parking while he is overseas. As the snow fell, we watched it get more and more covered.

The van once all the snow had fallen.


This is inside our parking garage on Saturday afternoon. I wish we would have taken a picture this afternoon. It was way worse today.




We put up our headboard, and I love it.
John taught me how to play Skip-Bo.

John took this video Saturday afternoon to send to his family.

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