100 Days of Looking for Joy

I originally posted this on The Faith Friends

JoyI recently spent 100 days recording “Moments of Joy” on my personal blog. Doing so helped me see more clearly the blessings of life.

I felt inclined to record daily experiences of joy after watching LDS General Conference last fall. I was a few weeks away from getting married, and my internal “bridezilla” was in full force. I felt myself stress over inconsequential matters all of the time.

So for 100 days I actively sought after joy. Joy came quickly and easily during experiences such as my Temple sealing (marriage) and date nights with my fiancé and now husband. But at other times, I felt weighed down by inadequacies, by the coldness and darkness of Winter, and by my own selfishness.

I learned to find joy in places I wouldn’t expect – like the refrigerator. For example, this past Saturday I went shopping for groceries like I always do. After coming home and putting the groceries away, I looked into the refrigerator and saw how full it was. Gratitude and joy filled my heart to the point that I felt guilt for often taking for granted the blessing of daily food to eat.

I am grateful for the prompting I had to record “Moments of Joy” for 100 days. While I still too often allow useless stress into my mind, I’ve learned joy can be found everyday in unanticipated ways if we look for it.



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