February Fun :)

It’s time for a quick update on life. I am working hard to make life less of a checklist and more about making memories and enjoying each day.

One of the fun memories over the past few weeks is a game night with friends from the church congregation where John and I met, as well as a friend from when I was younger and her husband. It was so fun to have all these friends over to our home to play games. We mainly played Telestrations, which is such a hilarious game, and I love it. My parents actually stopped by our apartment and brought treats for all of us. When they knocked on the door, we had no idea who it could be. Seeing them and receiving goodies was a fun surprise!

Game Night

John was concentrating hard during the last game. One of our friends snapped this photo and sent it to me.
John concentrated hard during the last game. One of our friends snapped this photo and sent it to me.

John and I took a detour from our normal weekend routine to visit a thrift store/antique shop in Aldie, VA. Saldy, I didn’t take any pictures on this excursion. We didn’t end up purchasing anything, but I kind of regret not purchasing a beautiful tea candle stained glass lamp. My sister and my mom are stopping by this shop, and I may have them pick up the lamp for me. John loved the antique radios and record players in the store.

John and I went to a Wizards game on Friday night. We invited one of John’s college roommates and his wife to come along. They recently moved into the area. It was fun to get to know them and fun to watch a professional basketball game. After the game, John and I walked through the city for a little bit. We both commented on how beautiful the architecture is in DC and how fun it is to live so close to the city.

Wizards game

On Saturday, my sister and I had a girls afternoon and went to the Red Door Spa for manicures to celebrate Melissa’s birthday (it’s on Tuesday). That evening we went out with a group of friends to dinner at Vapiano. On Sunday, we continued the birthday celebration with a birthday dinner at my parents’ house. Unfortunately, we forgot to put the candles in the brownies until after we had already eaten a few brownies. But we stuck candles in our partially eaten brownies so we could sing “Happy Birthday” and so Melissa could blow out her candles. It was a really fun evening, with LOTS of great food 🙂

Mel Bday

A couple weeks ago, John and I celebrated our first Valentine’s day. I surprised John with a gift he wasn’t expecting but really wanted. I feel like I am not always the best gift giver, so this made me really happy. John made me bacon wrapped chicken for dinner on Valentine’s day, and it was delicious. He may find himself cooking for us more often 😉 He also purchased this season of NCIS for me. This gift was very thoughtful for two reasons: (1) He knows I haven’t watched any episode from this season, even though I love NCIS. (2) My metro ride home is 50 minutes each day, and I often fall asleep by accident. He downloaded the NCIS episodes onto our iPad so I would have something to keep me awake on my commute home.

I gave my gift early to John. He came home from a work trip on Thursday (the 11th) and this was waiting for him.


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