Our First Home

This post is mainly for posterity’s sake. A big reason I keep this blog is so that our posterity can look back and read about our lives. I also update a personal journal, where I record deeper and more personal thoughts. I enjoy reading the things my ancestors have written about their lives, and I want to keep a record for future generations.

This post is pictures of my and John’s first home. We live in a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment. It’s a great first home, and we love it. Here are some pictures of our home…

Our front door.
The living room.



The kitchen.


This is John’s office. This picture is from a few months ago. You can barely see the corner of his desk in this picture. Today the office has a lot of empty boxes in it we need to move out. Once we do, then I’ll probably take more pictures and update this post. The bookshelf in this picture is a lot more full now 🙂
There’s no great way to take a picture of the bathroom. We have a double vanity that you can’t really see. I love our bathroom because it’s so big.
Our bedroom.


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