April 2016 Moments

April went by so fast, and I have a feeling May will go by even faster since we’re going to Iowa at the end of the month. April was an exciting month – my sister completed her first marathon, my mom had a birthday, John and I celebrated our six month wedding anniversary, I went on a quick work trip to a beautiful part of Missouri, and Keri had a birthday.

Melissa ran her first marathon, and my parents, John, and I were able to be there at the finish line. My parents were also at the start line to cheer her on.


On the evening of my mom’s birthday, John and I stopped by with flowers and a cake. Since we all loved the Harris Teeter cakes we first experienced this past fall, we picked her cake up there. It was a new flavor none of us had tried, but it was once again delicious.


I had a flight at 6:47 a.m. on the morning of our six month wedding anniversary, so John and I celebrated a couple days prior. To celebrate, we used the Marriott points John has been racking up due to his extensive traveling. We stayed at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C. It’s a beautiful property, and this is where John and I went on the night of our wedding. To celebrate, we also went to dinner at Founding Farmers. John had never been there, and it is a classic (and very yummy!) DC restaurant. We made reservations at the last minute, but thankfully they were able to get us in. We took a quick (and apparently blurry) selfie right before we checked out of the hotel.

IMG_0726 - EDIT

As I mentioned, I went on a quick trip to Missouri. The property where I stayed was gorgeous. I loved going on walks.  I took many pictures, but they didn’t nearly capture the beauty where I was as well as I would have liked. But I figured I’d post at least one.


At the end of the month was Keri’s birthday. We had a girls night to celebrate. We went out to eat at a Thai restaurant and then headed back to Keri’s, Melissa’s, and Lucy’s house (my old house) for dessert. My sister purchased a dozen cupcakes that were each a different flavor. We had fun cutting up the cupcakes and trying the different types. I am bummed I didn’t get a picture of all of us, but I did get one of the cupcakes 😉



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