DC Date Nights

I haven’t posted in almost a month. It’s been a quiet winter, and I can’t complain. John has travelled a lot less for work recently. He’s been home the last six weeks, which is a record since we’ve been married (and even since we started dating).

Over the last month, we went into DC twice for two different date nights. The first was to try a new restaurant Farmers and Distillers. This restaurant is operated by the same group who operates Founding Farmers and Farmer, Fishers, and Bakers. While I am a big fan of the latter two, truth be told I wouldn’t write Farmers and Distillers up as anything special. I think the other two restaurants have better options. Nonetheless, it was fun to try a new restaurant. Afterwards, we went and walked around the White House, which was all blocked off, and we enjoyed the unusual spring-like weather we had that day.

A blurry date night selfie.

The second date night in DC was to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes play in the B1G Ten conference playoffs. Iowa played Indiana and unfortunately lost in the first round. While it was too bad that they lost, it was still fun to watch them play.

In other news, Easter and spring are right around the corner. I took down my St. Patricks Day decorations last weekend and made room for Easter (the holiday with by far the best candy ever).

Here’s our entry way table.

While Easter candy is pretty darn awesome, the most awesome part of Easter is truly the opportunity we have to focus on the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I am looking forward to this Easter season!

One thought on “DC Date Nights

  1. Nell Morgan March 27, 2017 / 12:33 am

    Keep up those fun date nights. With Blake and Lauren here we should think of some fun Grandma nights. They do have plans to get busy on a fire pit. That could make come fun times.

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