Three Decades

Today I turn 30 years old. As my husband shared recently when we talked about our upcoming birthdays, “I can’t believe my next milestone birthday after this is my 40th!”

Last night, John and I went to Clydes Willow Creek to celebrate. It’s a neat restaurant with a rustic yet elegant ambiance.  I had never been to this Clydes location, but I heard great things. The food and experience did not disappoint. Afterwards, we stopped by Sweet Frog for frozen yogurt – my favorite! Tonight we’re having a cookout with my family to celebrate.

An after-dinner selfie.

This morning while getting ready for church, I was thinking about the lessons I’ve learned over the last 30 years. The words from a church song I was taught in primary (Sunday school for kids ages 4-11) came into my mind: “…Have faith, have hope, live like His son, help others on their way.” I thought about how even though I was taught the words to this song many, many years ago, I am still learning each day what it means to have faith, to have hope, and to love and live as Jesus Christ would. I think even in 30 years I’ll still be learning to apply the words of this song to my life.

We shall see what this next decade holds in store! I am sure there will be joyous moments, hard moments, fun moments, unexpected moments, and more. I am grateful for the moments of life I’ve been given and the moments that lay ahead 🙂

Updated on July 7 with pictures from the actual day:

A couple of presents.
My mom decorated the mantle at their house for my birthday.

Life Lately


I’ve been trying to write at least one post per month on my blog (ideally, I’d post more than that!), and I am overdue for a post. This last week I hit 20 weeks. I am now over halfway through my pregnancy, and we found out the gender! Before we found out the gender, I had no inkling as to what the gender was. I was 51% sure it was a girl; John was 51% sure it was a boy. John was right 😉

It's a...-2

I have learned people love talking about babies. For example, when I was getting my hair done the other day, my stylist asked if I had any children. I let her know that I was pregnant with our first. For the rest of the hair appointment, which was like an hour, she talked about how much she loves her grandson and how cute he is. It was fun to hear her gush about her grand baby. I have also learned that I have no idea what sort of a ride John and I are in for. As people have shared their parenting experiences with me, I’ve realized it’s going to be an adventure!

For now, we’re just enjoying a slower pace of life. John has been traveling less for work, and being more settled in our new house has been nice. Homeownership continues to provide new experiences. We’ve learned that grass grows really fast when it rains and that birds like to fly into vents that aren’t covered. Thankfully our home builder was super helpful resolving the bird situation.

Yesterday, we went and saw John’s favorite band – Vertical Horizon. It was fun for me to see how excited he was to hear them live in concert.



I’m very glad it’s summer time! I am excited to explore West Virginia more this summer. Last weekend, we went on an evening walk in Harper’s Ferry, which is only about 10 minutes from our house. The scenery was majestic.