Baby David: Two Months


Our cute little boy hits his two-month mark today. He sure has grown over the last month and has developed some very fun characteristics. My favorite new trait is his ability to smile in response to things. His smiles are the biggest in the mornings when I wake him up. Side note: I wake him up in the mornings because he normally sleeps an 8-9 hour stretch each night and could likely sleep longer if I didn’t wake him. I don’t want him to go longer than that without eating, so I wake him up. During the day, he normally eats every three hours. I loooove that he sleeps a long stretch of 8-9 hours. It allows me to get a solid night of sleep, and I am so, so grateful for that.

At seven weeks, we moved him into his bedroom to sleep (somewhat unintentionally). He fell asleep in his room one night, and I didn’t want to wake him by moving him, so I left him there. His room is really close to ours, and since he’s such a good sleeper, we decided to have him sleep in his own room moving forward. We haven’t transitioned to the crib yet, however. He wears an owlet sock on his foot that tracks his oxygen level and heart rate. If they dip below a certain level, an alarm goes off. This has brought me a lot of peace since he’s not sleeping in our room. Sadly, I accidentally washed the sock with the monitor inside. Soooo, we had to buy a replacement monitor.

Here are some fun facts about our boy:

  • He is an awesome sleeper (as mentioned above, he does an 8-9 hour stretch at night without waking up).
  • He is a messy eater. I am trying to figure out how to remedy this. He eats from a bottle because we had some nursing challenges. Sometimes I have to change his clothes after he eats because the milk/drool is all over his shirt collar.
  • He is very happy (generally) and loves to smile.
  • When music is playing, he’ll make a lot of “ooo” noises like he’s singing along.
  • When the tv is on, he makes baby noises like he’s talking back to the characters in the tv show.
  • He loves ceiling fans. When he’s in a room with a ceiling fan, he’ll stare intently at it (even if it’s not moving). If it is moving, he’s even more fascinated by it.
  • I learned from my Grandma Morgan that he is the 100th descendant of my Grandpa and Grandma Morgan. David’s middle name is my Grandpa Morgan’s first name. My dad is also the 100th descendant of his great-grandparents, and he is named after his great-grandpa. I thought that was kind of cool when we learned about it.
Good morning!
He loves to sleep!


Happy two months!


Sinterklaas Day 2017

Because of our Dutch heritage, my family celebrated Sinterklaas Day during my growing up years. Each year on the evening of December 4th, we put out our shoes. When we awoke on December 5th, our shoes were filled with goodies from Sinterklaas.

John and I are continuing this tradition with our family. This year, Sinterklaas came to our house and David was given the book “Elmo’s Countdown to Christmas,” which we have read many times since, and an electronic copy of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas Program with Sesame Street. He’s a little too young to enjoy these items, but we’re hoping they’ll bring Christmas cheer in coming years.

You’re supposed to put your shoes by the fireplace, but we don’t have a fireplace. So, under the Christmas tree they went!

Another tradition associated with Sinterklaas Day in our family is a gathering with extended family members in the area. We have a dinner and then each person opens a small gift from Sinterklaas. These gifts come with a poem related to the gift. You’re supposed to read the poem and then open the gift. It’s fun to hear the different poems that “Sinterklaas” comes up with.

This year, we got together the Sunday prior to Sinterklaas Day at our house in West Virginia. This was the first time some of our extended family met the new baby. It was a fun and happy night.

A group selfie of those in attendance.
Wagner cousins and Melissa with the baby.
They color coordinated 😉
My dad’s Sinterklaas gift.
My dad and mom wearing their Sinterklaas gifts proudly.
Family photo – sure do love these guys 🙂
John finished decorating his tree in time for the gathering. We opened the presents in the family room in the basement by his tree. I wanted to add this picture to the blog because I think the tree looks great!

Thanksgiving Weekend 2017


We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family this year and took full advantage of the long weekend. The day prior to Thanksgiving, we went to my parents’ house. I headed there in the afternoon with the baby, and John joined us after he got off work and took his car to the dealer for a tune-up. That night we ordered burgers from The Breeze and watched State of Play with my parents.

I was in charge of making a roasted kale and yam salad, bacon mac n’ cheese, and a pecan pie for our Thanksgiving dinner. While I made items for the dinner, John and his Uncle David hung Christmas lights on the outside of our house. And let me say, I think they did a mighty fine job! We headed to my parents’ house around 3 p.m. and had a fun time visiting and eating. My brother Blake was back home from BYU, and this was his first time meeting the baby. The food was delicious and the company even better.

Group selfie.
John snapped this picture, and I think it’s adorable.

On Friday, John and I set up our Christmas trees and began putting up Christmas decorations inside the house. My Christmas tree is on our main level, and his is in the family room in the basement. I prefer white lights on a Christmas tree, and John prefers colored lights. So, it works out great to have two trees that are each reflective of our own style. I just finished decorating my Christmas tree yesterday. We still need to hang ornaments on John’s tree. (We also watched the final Iowa game of the regular season on Friday. Go Hawks!)


On Saturday, we hiked Murphy’s Farm in Harpers Ferry, WV with my family and our friend Keri. The weather was beautiful, as was the scenery on the hike. From different points on the hike, you could see the Shenandoah River. After the hike, we picked up Mexican food from a delicious, authentic Mexican restaurant in the town where we live. We ordered the food to-go so we could get back home and watch the Alabama vs. Auburn football game. John was pleased with the outcome of the game; my dad on the other hand was not.




On Sunday, John and I went and visited a couple members of our church congregation and geared up for a new week. Baby David and I loved having John home with us for a couple extra days during this holiday weekend!