Myrtle Beach 2018

During the first week in August, we went down to Myrtle Beach and visited my Aunt Diana and Uncle Kevin. This provided David with his first ever beach experience. I think he was a little concerned by the water at first, but ultimately learned to love it (as evidenced by the pictures below). We had fun playing games, eating delicious food, visiting the beach, and enjoying time with family. John and I even went on a date to play mini-golf where the world championship of mini-golf is played each year.









Baby David: Ten Months

Once again, I am about 10 days late posting my monthly update on David. He is now officially 10 months! He seems more and more like a little toddler than a baby. A couple nights ago, I watched a video from when he was 3 months old and couldn’t believe how much he’s changed in just seven months.

Fun facts about David at 10 months:

  • He has his two center bottom teeth.
  • He has learned to crawl. He crawls about 50 percent of the time and scoots around on his stomach the other 50 percent of the time.
  • He pulls himself up to stand and likes to walk along furniture.
  • He’s tried to stand on his own a couple of times.
  • He loves pretty much all food. He sticks cheerios and frozen peas in his mouth by the fistful. We’re trying to teach him to pick them up one at a time.
  • He loves cars. We have a bin of cars that he can sit and play with for an hour at a time. Some days he’ll pull out all the red cars, and other days he’ll pull out all the yellow cars. Red and yellow seem to the be the colors he’s most drawn to.
  • He’s pretty happy most of the time (although we did have some serious whiny weeks during the last month).
  • He makes coo-ing sounds as he falls asleep.
  • He got sick for the first time during the last month.