Baby David: One Year!


Last week, David turned one year old. We are amazed at how much a baby grows in the course of a year. Below are fun facts about David at one year old.

  • He loves cars. He loves pushing them around on the floor, ottomans, or couches, and he loves holding them in his hands and studying them. No matter what toys we pull out of the toy closet for him to play with, he always goes straight to the cars.
  • He has loads of energy and is often on the move. He’s constantly exploring. He enjoys playing under the ping pong table in our basement and climbing through the stools that sit at our kitchen island.
  • Bath time is a favorite time of day for him. We recently started putting bubbles in his bath, and he enjoys splashing and eating bubbles.
  • He has two bottom teeth and four teeth up top are coming in. He loves chewing on furniture (especially end tables, which are mouth-height). We’ve had to teach him not to do that haha.
  • He is a champion night sleeper (and we are soooo thankful for that). Bath time is at 6:30 p.m. each night. Bedtime is at 7 p.m. He wakes up between 7:30 and 8 a.m. and will play happily in his crib until I get him out. (Side note: He struggles to sleep in hotels. We learned that the hard way.)
  • He enjoys looking at books in his crib. Sometimes when I put him down for a nap, I can tell he either doesn’t go to sleep or takes a while to fall alseep because he’s looking at books in his crib. We could take the books out of his crib at nap time but it brings him happiness and keeps him quiet, so I don’t see the harm.
  • He does this funny thing where he likes to breathe quickly and heavily through his nose while scrunching his nose. It’s adorable and he likes when people do it back to him.
  • He says lots of words but none that mean anything at this point. He says mama and dada a lot, but he isn’t referring to me or John when he says them yet.
  • When he’s done drinking from his sippy cup at meal time, he drops it on the floor.
  • He recently started spitting, which we’re not fans of 😦  We are trying to teach him not to do that.
  • Since it’s college football season, John has been trying to teach David to put both hands up in the air when John says touchdown. My mom was here visiting last week and helped John in this quest. David will now put both arms up in the air when someone says touchdown and puts both hands up in the air.
  • He’s in the 85th percentile for weight, 64th percentile for height, and 93rd percentile for head circumference. When he was born, he was in the 40th percentile for weight, 70th percentile for height, and 60th percentile for head circumference. His height percentile has really fluctuated over the year, even though they’re almost identical from birth to one year. When he was four months, he was only in the 21st percentile for height, and at 6 months he was in the 35th percentile.

In the coming days, I will write a post on what we did to celebrate his birthday. The pictures below were taken on his actual birthday. We went up to the park in our neighborhood  and snapped a few pictures before heading out to dinner.