Catching up on 2018 Moments

There are little moments that have occurred over the last few months that I want to take a minute to write about on my blog.

Earlier this year, I painted our bedroom a dark grey while John was away on a work trip. He knew I was going to do this, so it wasn’t a surprise. He helped me pick out the color beforehand. We got new bedding and curtains. It took me forever to find bedding and curtains that I liked. I did a lot of online shopping and a lot of returning. We ultimately ended up with a gray ruffle quilt from Wal-Mart of all places! Sadly, the painting didn’t go as well as I’d like. I bought super high quality paint, but I can still see paint lines. I’ve painted a room before and it turned out fine, so I think my technique was good. I read online that a lot of newly built homes (like ours) have builder-grade paint that soak up new paint dramatically. So I’m guessing we need to do a few more coats…which I have not done. I’m not totally sure what to do?? I’m considering hiring painters to re-do it. We shall see. But here’s a small glimpse.


This spring we had quite the hail storm. The hail was so bad we had to have siding on our house replaced and our roof replaced (as did pretty much every other house in our neighborhood). We went for a walk about an hour after the storm and found hail the size of golf balls. You can see an example below. This is a screenshot I took of a video I posted in my family’s Marco Polo group. Truth be told, it’s a very blurry screenshot and not the best example, but it will help me remember the hail storm.


This year brought our first official Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as parents. We snapped pictures on the actual days. On Father’s Day, we forgot to take a picture until right before David went to bed. We are very thankful for this little boy who made us parents. We’ve learned so much over the last year. The newborn stage was a challenge for me with so many firsts and little sleep, but I’m grateful for David’s patience with us as we learn how to be parents (something we’ll be learning forever!).

Mother’s Day 2018
Father’s Day 2018

Two of my best friends from high school got married this summer. It was fun to celebrate with them and their husbands.

Me and the new Mrs. Thorpe 🙂
Me, Katie, Tina (the bride), and our high school choir teacher

David has been teething, teething, and teething some more over the last few months. He’s found relief in the funniest of places…like the knobs on our kitchen cabinets. We also have an end table in our basement that he apparently finds quite delicious. I need to touch up the finish as a result haha.


This summer, I found a farmer’s market about 30 minutes from our house that I love. They have a huge playground next to it that I think our kids will enjoy throughout the years. This summer, I picked up some beautiful sunflowers along with some delicious peaches.


David had his first ever kids meal at a restaurant in September. We went out to eat at Cracker Barrel, and he was a fan!


David has become quite the active little boy. This is most apparent to me when we’re at church and it’s quiet and everyone around us is still. David likes to play with anything and everything and likes to explore. Here’s a picture I snapped of David today during Sunday School (and yes, I realize I probably should be focusing on the lesson and not taking pictures of David. But John is in Europe, and I wanted to send him a picture so he could feel like he was at church with us haha).


On quite a few Sundays, we seem to spend a good deal of Sunday School in the Mother’s Room and this is my view as I try to listen to a talk on my phone or read in my scriptures.


And lastly, David was recently upgraded to a bigger car seat after his first birthday. Here he is in his new ride. I think he likes it!



One thought on “Catching up on 2018 Moments

  1. Fannie daly November 11, 2018 / 10:30 pm

    Dearest Meghan, Thank you so much for these beautiful “updates” . David is absolutely adorable and I am so happy for you ! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Much love, your aunt Fannie

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