Thanksgiving 2018 in Iowa

These two are at the top of my thankful list.

This year for Thanksgiving we went to Iowa. We left the Saturday before and drove back the Saturday after. I was actually somewhat excited for the long drive there because during the two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, John had been in Hawaii and Europe. I looked forward to spending time with him on the drive. We discussed many things on the drive to Iowa, including potential baby girl names. We narrowed our list to five names.

We left at 6 in the morning the Saturday before Thanksgiving. The first few hours of the drive were extremely beautiful. It had snowed just a few days prior, and the tree branches were coated with frozen snow as we drove through the mountains of West Virginia. David was a champ the entire drive. Prior to the trip, we bought a headrest iPad holder to prop up one of our iPads for David to see. We didn’t end up using the iPad until the very last hour (it was a 14-hour drive). We turned on the iPad not because David was whiny, but because we wanted him to stay awake so we could feed him, bathe him, and put him to bed once we arrived.

Highlights of the trip included visiting the Festival of Trees, watching David interact with his 2nd cousins who are close to his age, watching David interact with John’s parent’s dog, a family lunch date to a trendy, new restaurant in downtown Davenport we had heard about (truth be told we would give the restaurant a B- if we were grading it), a visit to the Chocolate Manor (they have amazing chocolate caramels), visiting with John’s extended family, celebrating John’s mom’s birthday, a getaway to Chicago for a night without David (thanks to the grandparents for watching him!), and a visit to the Chicago LDS Temple. John, his dad, and his uncle also went to the Hawkeyes last football game of the season, which they won thankfully!

Family snapshot Thanksgiving 2018



David and Grandma Lori at the Festival of Trees