David Update: Walking and Words

Out for a walk on a warm day this week.

I want to write an update on Christmas (all my family was here, which was wonderful!), but first I want to write an update on David. In November, David began taking a few steps at a time. And in December, he started walking. Now he loves walking!

For a long time, he’s made lots of sounds/said words including mama and dada. But he didn’t know what any of them meant; he just kind of said them. His first official intentional word was “dog.” We have a stuffed toy dog that we gave him for his birthday. A few weeks ago, I handed it to him and he said “dog.” Recently, we were watching “Polar Express,” and when the dogs in the movie started barking, David started saying “woof, woof.” It’s pretty cute. He also says “eat” sometimes when he’s hungry, and I ask him if he wants to eat.

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