Little Mr. David is 18 months!


David hit his 18-month mark last week. He is full of happiness and energy. He loves to smile. I hope he maintains his happy demeanor throughout his life. It is so contagious. Everywhere we go people say to me, “he’s so happy!”


He absolutely loves cars. The picture above is a scene we see everyday. He enjoys lining up his toy cars and playing with them for hours. He often carries his cars from room to room. He doesn’t want to leave any behind when he goes into a new room haha.

He is constantly “talking” but doesn’t say many real words. When he’s hungry, he says “eat, eat, eat” (it sounds more like “eee, eee, eee”). When he sees me cleaning up, he says “een up” for “clean up.” He says “woof woof” anytime he sees a dog. When I point to the picture of Jesus in his room, he sometimes says “she-shush” for “Jesus.” When he’s tired, he’ll lay down his head and say “night, night.” Surprisingly, he has yet to say mama or dada when referring to me or John. He knows who we are though. For example, if you say to him, “where’s dad’s nose?”, he’ll go touch John’s nose.

He loves to open the pantry and pull out a cracker box (when I forget to close the baby lock on the pantry). He’s a pretty good eater and is willing to try most foods. He seems to love carrots, peanut butter, cheese, and apples.


He is a very caring big brother. He likes to pat Brooke when she’s laying down and bring her blankets and burp cloths. He’ll often walk over to her when she starts crying. He likes to pull out her hair bows and then immediately put them back on her head (see the picture below haha).


Today we had his 18-month visit with the pediatrician. He is in the 87th percentile for weight, the 83rd percentile for height, and the 94th percentile for head circumference. I love the front-row seat I have to watch him grow!

He started attending nursery at church (a Sunday school class for 18-months to 3-year-olds) on Easter Sunday. This is a picture of him after I picked him up from the class.

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