Baby Brooke: Two Months


Brooke recently hit the two-month mark. I love this time in a baby’s life because it’s when you begin to see the beginnings of their personality unfold. Brooke is very sweet. She cries less than she used to, is sleeping better, and slowly but surely her tummy troubles are easing. When David hit two months, he was sleeping 8-9 hours straight at night. Brooke isn’t quite there yet, but she generally does sleep at least 5-6 hours straight at night without waking to eat. There have been a couple nights when she’s slept 8 straight hours. Thankfully when she does wake to eat, she goes back to sleep very easily. Below are facts about Brooke at two months.

  • Brooke is beginning to smile. Occasionally we get to see her sweet smile when we look into her face and smile at her.
  • She loves to keep her hands up by her head.
  • Sometimes she’ll take a pacifier and sometimes she definitely is not interested in a pacifier.
  • She enjoys bath time and has never cried when we’ve bathed her.
  • She holds up her head fairly well for her age.
  • She is 2 ounces shy of 11 pounds.
  • She is in the 45th percentile for weight; 46th percentile for length; and 49th percentile for head circumference.
Love watching her sleep.
Crazy hair right after bath time.
Hands by her face; her favorite pose.


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