Life with Two Kids Under Two

Life right now is fun, tiring, silly, loud, sweet, and chaotic all at the same time. I feel so many different emotions all in one day. Some moments of the day seem so hectic as I try to feed a crying, hungry baby while I simultaneously teach my 21-month-old that he needs to wait for me to get him out of his high chair and not try to climb out himself. Other moments seem so serene as I cuddle with my sleeping baby while watching my favorite HGTV television show or as I lay next to my toddler in his bed and read him books before nap time or bed time.

We just switched David to a normal bed a couple weeks ago. We kind of did it on a whim. He was sick for a couple of days prior to the switch, and we let him lay on the bunk beds in his room and watch Under the Umbrella Tree on my iPad (we normally don’t allow him to watch anything on our iPads). While he was sick, we still had him sleep in his crib. After he got feeling better, we decided to see how he would do sleeping in the bed. So far he’s done great! He’s excellent at staying in bed, which was a concern of mine. Previously, David loved playing in his crib before he fell asleep. So, I was afraid he’d struggle to stay in the bed since he was no longer “trapped” by crib walls. But so far so good. We have a baby lock on the outside of the door, so he can’t come out until we come into his room to get him. He’s been great about waking up and looking at books in his bed until we come get him. Unfortunately, I accidentally locked myself in the room with David and my neighbor had to come undo the baby lock to let us out ha! Thankfully Brooke was napping at the time it happened.

Poor sick little guy.


In the spring time, we loved going on walks. Now that the weather is hot, we don’t go on quite as many walks. Thankfully the playground in our neighborhood sits up on a hill (which is a doozy to push the double stroller up), so there is always a nice breeze there. I’ve taken the kids to the pool twice. There’s a pool about 25 minutes from where we live that has a great section for toddlers and is open in the mornings. There are two pools closer to where we live but they don’t open until the afternoon, which is nap time at our house. David seems a little tentative when we’re there and likes to stay right by me. I’m hoping he’ll get more comfortable as the summer goes on. Yesterday, we almost left the pool after being there for only 20 minutes because it was one of those times when both kids were crying. Brooke was tired and hot, and David didn’t like wearing his puddle jumper. Thankfully, Brooke fell asleep and David got over his discomfort.

David loves the swings.


The view from our neighborhood playground.
Sleepy baby at the pool.
Our poolside set-up

In the mornings, I try and focus on kid stuff 100 percent of the time. Afternoon nap time (approximately 1-4:30 p.m.) is my time I try to clean, organize, meal plan, do volunteer work, do consulting work, and anything else I need to do. The evenings are our family time. It seems our dinner time has become “whine time” for at least one child recently. I’m not sure what is up with that haha. Bath time is around 6:30 p.m. and the kiddos are generally in bed around 7 p.m. This gives John and I time to connect in the evenings, which I appreciate.

One of my favorite things about the stage of life we’re in right now is watching Brooke and David grow and interact. Brooke loves watching David wherever he goes, and David will come over to Brooke and say hi (which sounds like “hi-eee”). David also treats a lot of his stuffed toys similarly to how we treat Brooke. He likes to hold them on his shoulder and pat them on the back like he’s burping them. He also likes to put them in Brooke’s car seat or bouncer.


I’m really grateful for life right now. As I said in the beginning, I can feel so many emotions all in one day. Even in the hard times though, I would not have it any other way.



David loves looking at books.





Baby Brooke: Four Months


Brooke reached the four-month milestone last week. I love babies at four months. They are still cuddly and their personalities also beam. Below are facts about Brooke at four months.

  • Brooke loves to smile. She is especially smiley when you look her in the eye.
  • She sleeps in a swaddler that keeps her arms up since she loves having her hands by her face. We nixed the traditional swaddler last month.
  • She loves talking to herself.
  • At her four-month doctor appointments, she measured in at the exact same height and weight as David at four months (24.5 inches and 15.1 pounds).
  • She just barely rolled over from her back to her stomach for the first time.
  • She likes sleeping on her side.
  • And the biggest news of the month (for me personally): She started sleeping through the night fully! We put her down at about 7 p.m. and she sleeps until 7:30/8 a.m. I do wake her up to give her a bottle before I go to bed around 9 or 10 p.m.
  • She takes two naps a day. One in the morning around 9:30 a.m. and then again around 1 p.m.







Brooke’s Blessing Weekend


In our faith, a baby is given a blessing shortly after they are born. Brooke was given a blessing by her dad on Father’s Day. It was extra special because both my dad and John’s dad came to town for this special day.  The blessing took place during our congregation’s Sunday worship service. Afterwards, friends and family gathered at our home for a brunch. I’m disappointed that I didn’t think to get a picture of the whole group who came for this special event. Below is a picture of our family on this day.


Brooke was blessed in the very same dress that I was blessed in as a baby. I hope to continue to pass this dress down through the generations.


We were so grateful that my dad and John’s parents were able to come to town for this event. We had a fun weekend that included going to the Air and Space Museum for the annual “Innovations in Flight” day with our parents and my brother and sister. We got to explore lots of different types of planes.




My sister, my dad, Brooke, David, and I also went on a hike. The weather was amazingly beautiful. My sister carried Brooke in a baby carrier, and Brooke cried for over half the hike haha. The next two pictures I grabbed from my sister’s Instagram.


Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 7.40.05 PM

It was a great weekend and we’re so grateful! While everyone was in town, Brooke officially began sleeping through the night. Previously, she would wake up between 3 and 5 a.m. for a “snack.” Below are pictures of the grandparents who came to visit. We missed Grandma Kathy but we’re grateful we got to see her for a whole month earlier this year.