Summertime 2019 Moments

Fall is almost officially here! Fall is my favorite season, so I am excited. Summer has been good to us. Last week, we returned from a trip to Myrtle Beach. I’m hoping to write a post on that this week. But before I do, I want to record some of the other moments of summer we experienced.

We attended the Jefferson County Fair and had fun watching mutton busting, greased pig racing, and the tractor pull, as well as looking at all the animals and eating fair food. My sister Melissa and friend Keri came with us. The weather was beautiful, which made it extra nice. I really enjoy going to the fair each year.



On a recent trip to Winchester, I was stopped at a stoplight, and when the light turned green, my car wouldn’t move forward when I pushed the accelerator. I turned the car off and back on, and then it worked just fine. Then a couple days later while driving, the power steering and accelerator stopped working. We took my car into the auto shop and learned the engine was failing. I bought this car (a 2009 Hyundai Sonata) a few months after I graduated from college. I bought it used and was so proud of the purchase. It was my first big adult purchase. I remember during the first few weeks of owning the car, I was so excited to get off the metro after work and drive my Sonata home.

Since the engine was failing, we decided it was time to upgrade to a minivan. We bought a 2019 Honda Odyssey. While cleaning the items out of my Sonata, I felt a little nostalgic. At first, I wasn’t excited to get a new car (my Sonata has been with me through so much – which I know is silly to say since it’s just a car ha!). I’ve ending up loving the van though.


I started a monthly service club in my neighborhood to meet my neighbors and do some good in the community. Recently, while studying Christ’s counsel in the New Testament to love our neighbors as ourselves, I realized I don’t really know my neighbors, and it’s hard to love people that I don’t know. (I realize Christ’s counsel doesn’t only apply to our literal neighbors, but I figured it’s a good place for me to start.) During our first service activity, we decorated cookies for the local fire stations.


John bought a bike and has begun cycling on Saturday mornings. He bought a trailer for David (and eventually Brooke) to ride in. At first, David wasn’t a fan of his helmet. So before their first long ride, I let David watch TV on our bed while wearing the helmet to help him get used to it.


John and I both celebrated birthdays this summer. Below is a picture of John’s presents on top of the birthday present he gave me. It’s an armoire he knew I’d been interested in purchasing for our bedroom for a while.



We had our main level painted. It’s something I’ve been interested in for while. After painting our bedroom myself, I decided that I wanted to pay to have someone do our main level. I saved up the money I earn from doing my consulting work. I only work a couple hours a week, so it’s taken me a while to save. But I’m so happy with how the results turned out. We had paint samples around the main level for a number of weeks. We knew we wanted a gray color. The color we ended up selecting was Fawn Brindle by Sherwin Williams.



David and Brooke continue to grow so quickly before our eyes. This summer David transitioned out of his high chair. He eats lunch at the kitchen island, and we all eat dinner together as a family at the table in the dining room. Below are some cute pictures John took of David while he was playing in our guest room




We’ve enjoyed exploring parks and going to the pool this summer. David’s confidence has grown so much over the last few months. The first time we went to the pool, he wouldn’t leave my side. The last time we went, he was constantly on the move. His favorite part of the pool we go to is the barnyard splash pad. Below is a picture of him going down the slide.

Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 2.58.21 PM


It’s been a great summer!

Baby Brooke: Six Months

Brooke hit the six-month mark right before we headed to Myrtle Beach to visit family. I tried to take some six-month pictures a couple of different times, but I couldn’t get Brooke to smile when I pulled out the big camera. She LOVES to smile, so the pictures I got are not a good representation of her. Below are facts about Brooke at six months.

  • Brooke continues to smile and squeal. She makes the cutest high-pitched squeals. Sometimes her squeals are so loud that we have to step out into the hallway during our sacrament service at church.
  • She has great head control and loves sitting in the bumbo.
  • She has such cute giggles.
  • She is becoming much more coordinated with her hands. She can pick things up and move them to her mouth.
  • She rolls over from her back to her stomach quite often. But she doesn’t roll the opposite way very often.
  • We started feeding Brooke solid (pureed) foods. Her first food was butternut squash. We’ve also tried peas, pumpkin, and apple sauce. She loved the butternut squash but hasn’t liked anything else. She gagged when she tried everything but butternut squash. I’m wondering if it’s a texture thing?? I stopped feeding her fruits and veggies and started serving her rice cereal once a day to get her used to the texture of pureed food. Next week, we’ll start adding fruits and veggies again.
  • Brooke recently started waking once a night. I switch her from her swaddler to her sleep sack, so I’m wondering if that’s why she’s waking up. While we were in Myrtle, I put her in her swaddler while she slept, and she slept through the night every night. Last night she was back to the sleep sack and woke up twice.
  • She is becoming a happier baby overall.