Baby Brooke: Six Months

Brooke hit the six-month mark right before we headed to Myrtle Beach to visit family. I tried to take some six-month pictures a couple of different times, but I couldn’t get Brooke to smile when I pulled out the big camera. She LOVES to smile, so the pictures I got are not a good representation of her. Below are facts about Brooke at six months.

  • Brooke continues to smile and squeal. She makes the cutest high-pitched squeals. Sometimes her squeals are so loud that we have to step out into the hallway during our sacrament service at church.
  • She has great head control and loves sitting in the bumbo.
  • She has such cute giggles.
  • She is becoming much more coordinated with her hands. She can pick things up and move them to her mouth.
  • She rolls over from her back to her stomach quite often. But she doesn’t roll the opposite way very often.
  • We started feeding Brooke solid (pureed) foods. Her first food was butternut squash. We’ve also tried peas, pumpkin, and apple sauce. She loved the butternut squash but hasn’t liked anything else. She gagged when she tried everything but butternut squash. I’m wondering if it’s a texture thing?? I stopped feeding her fruits and veggies and started serving her rice cereal once a day to get her used to the texture of pureed food. Next week, we’ll start adding fruits and veggies again.
  • Brooke recently started waking once a night. I switch her from her swaddler to her sleep sack, so I’m wondering if that’s why she’s waking up. While we were in Myrtle, I put her in her swaddler while she slept, and she slept through the night every night. Last night she was back to the sleep sack and woke up twice.
  • She is becoming a happier baby overall.

One thought on “Baby Brooke: Six Months

  1. Fannie Daly September 6, 2019 / 7:24 pm

    She is adorable !! So happy for you !! Much love from your aunts, Leah and Fannie.

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