Faith Fridays and Buying/Selling a House

A few years ago, my friend Sara asked me to contribute bi-weekly to a faith blog she had started. The blog doesn’t exist anymore, but I appreciated the opportunity because it gave me a reason to stop and put into words an aspect of my faith every other week. It also caused me to stop and reflect upon where I had seen the hand of God teaching me during the previous two weeks.

I recently had the thought to start “Faith Fridays” here on this blog. This will once again provide me that opportunity to stop and reflect, although I’m certain I’ll miss many Fridays (ha!).

Today I want to share thoughts that have been in my mind and heart about our upcoming move. I talked about little about this back here. We weren’t planning on moving for another four or five years, but we found a house that our family can grow into with a bigger lot and beautiful views of the Shenandoah mountains.


I truly felt the hand of the Lord guiding us to this house. The beginning of the story to our new house actually commences on our search for our current house. You can read here about that experience. When we found our current neighborhood, it just felt “right.” It felt like we had found the place we needed to be. Less than a year after moving here, John was asked to serve in a role at our church that had him travel to other congregations. One of those congregations is located about 10 minutes from where we’ll be moving.

Shortly after John was asked to serve in this new role at church, we went on a fall drive. We intended to go to Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. When we arrived at the park, we decided instead of paying the $20 to enter, we’d explore some local roads. John had recently been to a church congregation near the entrance to Shenandoah National Park, and he knew another scenic road we could drive. Little did we know our future neighborhood would be off that road.

Now fast forward to this past fall. The Saturday before Halloween, we were supposed to attend our church congregation’s “Trunk or Treat” activity. However, our kids had colds, so we decided it was best to skip the activity. Instead we went on a fall drive. We headed back to the Shenandoah mountains to repeat the drive we did two years ago. While on the drive, we noticed a “for sale” sign off the road. After passing the sign, we decided to make a U-turn to check out the neighborhood. Like I said, we weren’t looking for a new home, but we like driving through potential neighborhoods and dreaming about our next home.

We pulled into the neighborhood and saw there was one house already built, two homes under construction, and a handful of lots for sale. The two homes under construction were being built by the builder who built our current home, Van Metre. The list price for the houses were lower than what we expected. We decided to reach out to Van Metre to see if they’d be building more homes in this neighborhood.

Van Metre let us know that they had no intention of building more homes. They only built the two. One was under contract and the other was still for sale. They invited us to tour the other home. They had halted construction on it because they wanted the buyer to be able to pick the finishes.

One thing that weighed heavy on my mind was whether or not we were leaving our current home and church congregation too soon. We felt very guided to this (our current) home three years ago. John and I have had many opportunities to serve here. We always want to do the Lord’s will and we didn’t want to leave “early.” If there was more He wanted us to do, we would stay. (We do recognize that we are “replaceable” people. I don’t want these thoughts to sound conceited. We just really want to live our lives according to God’s will and serve wherever He wants us to).

On a drive out to the new house a few days after our initial tour and before we had signed a contract, I said a silent prayer to God that I wanted to do His will. I remember thinking that I wanted a small sign or something that let me know that this move was in accordance with His will. At that very moment, a thought popped into my mind; “Listen to the coaching call.” I was in a program with a life coach who does live coaching calls with people and helps them learn to manage their brains to find greater happiness and contentment. My thought to listen to the call came at 4:02 p.m. and there was a call that had started at 4 p.m. On that very call, someone in a very, very similar situation to mine asked a question and received coaching on the topic. The prompting I had to listen to the coaching call was so clear and distinct that I knew it wasn’t my own thought. The fact that someone receiving coaching was in a situation so similar to mine and received guidance that helped me was to me a sign that we could move forward with peace.

Along with that experience, there were other small “signs” that helped me feel great peace about this move and know that God was orchestrating it and had been ever since we moved to our current home.

Throughout this process of preparing to move, one area in which I’ve had to exercise greater faith is that our current home will sell. I wanted to write this blog post while I’m still in the process of needing to exercise that faith. I wanted to write this post in the “middle” of the process because to me that is when faith is the most sincere. In the beginning, exercising faith can be exciting. But in the middle of experiences such as this is where I find I have to dig deep and remind myself that God knows the end from the beginning, and He didn’t bring us this far, just to bring us this far. He is the only one who could have orchestrated our being able to find our new home in a rural Virginia town and provide the temporal means for us to afford it.

Last night, as I laid in bed, I thought about the children of Israel carrying the ark of the covenant across the river Jordan. The Lord promised that He would part the river. However, they were required to put their feet in the water before it parted. Sometimes I’ve wondered how long they had to stand in the water. Did God instantaneously part the water or did He require them to wait with their feet in the water to show their faith that He would keep His promise? John and I have metaphorically put our feet in the water. We’ve moved forward with purchasing our new home that we felt guided to by God. Now we will wait with faith that our “Jordan River” will part.

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