Baby #3

We learned a couple months ago that our family will grow right after the new year. It’s so interesting how each pregnancy feels different. I was more tired during the first trimester this time than I recall being while I was pregnant with David or Brooke. I took a power nap 6 days a week. Part of the tiredness could also be attributed to taking care of an active two-year-old and one-year-old. Thankfully now that I’m out of the first trimester, the extreme fatigue has seemed to subside. We will learn the gender of the new baby at the end of August.

Summer Life

I just got back from going on a walk with the kids, and while there was a nice breeze, I am hot and Brooke’s cheeks are bright red.

Speaking of Brooke, she has blossomed so much in the last few weeks. Her language development is coming along nicely. She says hello, hi, out, shoe, hat, eat, and “mel” for milk (or any drink really). I think her first official word (aside from no) was milk, which is quite fitting since she has let us know from very, very early on when she is hungry. She is also a great walker. Once she learned to walk, she didn’t look back. Her demeanor has also changed over the last few weeks. She is consistently a bubbly and happy almost 17-month-old. At some point every day, John asks me, “Where did this happy girl come from?” Happy was not a word we often used to describe Brooke as a baby. But now we use it every day! Below is a (blurry) picture that captures her happy spirit.

David’s language skills are also expanding. I can understand most everything he says, and he’s starting to speak more in longer phrases/sentences. He loves to sing songs, count, and he has a great memory. He watches two TV shows every day – “Tigerhead” (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood) and “Sunny Days” (Sesame Street).

Brooke and David like to make each other laugh (it’s adorable!), and they are starting to actually play together more and more. David also loves to tell Brooke what to do. He calls her “Brookie,” and I think the way he says it is so sweet.

Below are some snapshots of our summer 🙂

Father’s Day 2020 – Brooke and David are lucky to have John as their dad!
A double rainbow outside of Brooke’s bedroom window.
We took a drive last week in Shenandoah National Park. It had been shut down for a while, and we’re excited it’s back open. David didn’t want to smile at the camera.
We’ve played with a lot of bubbles and colored with a lot of chalk this summer.
Brooke loves playing in water.
We like going to Marker-Miller Orchards to get fresh produce. They have rocking chairs that David loves to sit on.