Baby Amber: Two Months

Sweet Miss Amber is two months old. We adore her! Below are facts about two-month-old Amber.

– Loves to be held.

– Enjoys laying on her stomach.

– Just beginning to smile.

– Wakes up once a night to eat.

– Has strong legs and can briefly stand when you’re holding her waist.

– Takes very long naps (which I appreciate!).

I never created a one-month-old blog post for Amber like I did with my first three kids. There’s one word that best describes one-month-old Amber: asleep. She is my sleepiest baby. She slept pretty much the first eight weeks of life. We had grandparents visiting for six of those weeks so she got lots of snuggles, and when she’s snuggled, she falls asleep. She’s not even ten weeks old yet, so we’re just barely starting to see her more awake and alert for short periods of time throughout the day. The stickers I use for her monthly milestone pictures got lost in the mail so she’s actually more like six weeks old in the “one-month” picture below.

First Haircuts

Brooke had her first haircut this week! She and Grandma Kathy went together to get haircuts, and David and I tagged along.

After she got her hair cut, Miss Faye, her hairdresser, styled her hair in a braid (Brooke loves braids).

Drew also received his first haircut a few weeks ago. He was in desperate need of a haircut and I did it at home. He was a bit wiggly and it was far from a perfect cut haha. It’s grown out a little bit so the uneven areas are less noticeable.