Baby Amber: Five Months

Our sweet Amber is five months old. She really is a sweet, sweet baby. Here are facts about five-month-old Amber.

– She loves to suck on things. Surprisingly though, she still hasn’t mastered using a pacifier. She is my first child who hasn’t been able to figure that out. She stopped taking one when she was only a few weeks old. The nice thing about that is she never wakes up because her pacifier fell out. When Drew was this age, I’d still be getting up a couple times at night to stick his pacifier back in.

– She likes to grab at things. She especially likes her activity mat since she can lay on her back and grab at the toys that hang down above her.

– She’s starting to actually bounce when in the bouncer.

– She has the sweetest smiles, and she is either really smiley or has a total blank stare.