Summertime with Grandparents

It’s nearly Christmas, but I wanted to make sure I took some time to write down thoughts about this past summer.

We were fortunate to have both sets of grandparents visit us this summer. John’s parents arrived the weekend before Amber was born. John’s dad was here for a little over a week. And since Amber was born via a c-section, John’s mom graciously stayed for three weeks after Amber’s birth so she could take care of our kids while I recovered. This was especially helpful since I wasn’t permitted to lift anything heavier than Amber, which meant I couldn’t do simple but necessary tasks like lift Drew into his high chair or get him in and out of the bath. Drew also didn’t know how to go up or down stairs at that point and always had to be carried, something I could not have done.

After his mom left, our whole family (except for Amber) came down with a virus that we think Drew picked up from another child at the nursery at our church. So we asked my parents to delay their trip so they didn’t get sick as well. Once we were all better, my parents drove out from Utah and stayed with us for three weeks.

We had lots of fun while grandparents were here and it was helpful to have extra grown-ups around. Highlights of the summer include:

– A day swimming and kayaking at the lake with Melissa, Trevor, Morgan, and Will in addition to Grandpa Adrian and Grandma Kathy (this day also happened to be my birthday.)

– Date nights for John and I (with free babysitting from the best babysitters in the world). Two favorite dates of mine were (1) dinner at Pavemint followed by a Memorial Day concert in the town square by the American Legion band and (2) dinner at an authentic Italian restaurant by our house (that we always talked about wanting to try) followed by eating “formations” (thick milkshakes) from Spelunkers while watching the sunset up in the Shenandoah mountains.

– 4th of July fireworks at the 4H center.

– Attending the Washington DC Temple Open House with our older three children and work colleagues/friends of John.

– Front Royal splash pad.

– Launching (and losing) rockets.

– Attending another town square concert.

– Splash Pad and MOD pizza in Gainesville.

– The kids first time riding on the metro and a visit to the National Zoo.

– Dinner with the entire Morgan family at Maggiano’s, one of our favorite restaurants.

– Lots of kid/grandparent dates (which meant quiet time for me!) to the Lego store, train store, Fireman’s Carnival, Chick-fil-A and more.

Below is a photo dump from all the fun family time.

One thought on “Summertime with Grandparents

  1. Fannie Z. Daly December 5, 2022 / 7:40 pm

    Thank you so much for sending all these outstanding, lovely photos of your family and grand parents !! I am so happy for you and want to wish you a very Merry Christmas !! Love, Fannie

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