David is 5!

I’m playing catch up on my blog posts. In the fall, David turned five years old. The Sunday before his birthday we had a fun family celebration with aunts and uncles. His actual birthday was filled with the stuff of five-year-old dreams – new toys, endless movie watching, picking out a toy at Cracker Barrel, and dinner/ice cream at Spelunkers. Brooke was sick on David’s birthday, which probably ended up being nice for David because there wasn’t anyone else wanting to play with his new toys. His actual birthday dinner was a bit sad because it was just me, him, and Drew at Spelunkers, but he didn’t seem to mind because he got ice cream haha.

Facts about five-year-old David:

  • Favorite hobbies are coloring and building wooden train tracks.
  • Likes to wake up early and play with toys in his room.
  • Falls asleep super fast and is a very deep sleeper.
  • Likes to copy phrases he hears other adults say.
  • Loves looking at all catalogs, especially the toy catalog we get each fall from Amazon.
  • He is a people person. When we go to the park he always asks if “friends” will be there. And “friends”could be people we know or people we don’t.
  • Enjoys doing crafts.
  • Favorite show is Curious George.
  • Favorite movies are Frozen, Frozen 2, and Cars 3.

One thought on “David is 5!

  1. Fannie Daly January 9, 2023 / 3:08 pm

    Happy Birthday, dear David !!!!!

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