Things I Don’t Want to Forget (and 2022 Family Photos)

– David loves to tell me that I’m his “sweet baboo” and John is his “best pal.”

– When Drew gets sad, Brooke looks at him and says , “It’s okay, buddy. You gonna be okay, buddy.”

– Drew loves dancing. Every night before bedtime our family dances to “Better When I’m Dancing” by Meghan Trainor. Drew bounces to the song and says “Yeah Yeah” on cue when it’s said in the song.

– After attending a Christian sports camp, we were at the lake, and David was having a hard time getting on his float, but he kept trying and said “legends don’t give up” because he had spent the week learning about “legends” (disciples) from the Bible.

– Brooke says “me three” instead of “me too.” If I say something like, “I want ice cream.” Brooke will respond with, “Me three.”

– Drew loves Amber. Whenever we bring her into a room he’s in, he says, “Amba.”

– David likes to look at the Wayfair catalog and find things to make his room warm and cozy. He’s all about things being “warm and cozy.”

– Brooke likes to lay out tomorrow’s clothes on the edge of her bed before she goes to sleep.

– When one of his younger siblings gets in trouble for something, David will stick up for them and say “he/she is learning.”

– Brooke often says “I’m having a hard time” and “it’s okay to feel disappointed.” She’s very in tune with her feelings 🙂

– When Brooke forgets an item, she says she “forleft it.” She combines the words forgot and left.

Last fall, we had family photos taken. It’s quite an adventure to try and get four kids ages five and under to smile and look at the camera, but it was important to me that we capture this stage in our family’s life. The photographer we used was great. She has grandkids around the ages of our kids, so she knew how to engage them well and was very patient with our family. Below are some of my favorites.

One thought on “Things I Don’t Want to Forget (and 2022 Family Photos)

  1. Fannie Daly January 9, 2023 / 3:12 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing these fantastic photos of your sweet family! Each one is a jewel ! Sending you LOTS of LOVE and wishing you a healthy, special 2023 !! Aunt Fannie

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