Baby Amber: 6 & 7 Month Updates

I’m a little behind with Amber’s monthly updates. Life is keeping me busy (in the best way) with four kiddos ages five and under. Even so, I still want to make sure I capture these little moments of her life that go by so quickly.

  • Amber continues to be a champion eater and sleeper.
  • She tried her first “solid food” (not sure why it’s called that, when it’s really pureed food) about a week after she turned 6 months – it was pumpkin. She seemed unsure at first about how to get the food off the spoon but now she loves it. I feed her “solid food” each day at lunchtime, and I think she looks forward to that meal. So far she’s had pureed pumpkin, butternut squash, peas, carrots, apple, sweet potato and green beans. One of the greens she did not seem to like at first. It was so cute to watch her face go sour after she ate it. But she’s warmed up to all of it now.
  • She is fairly content most of the time.
  • She enjoys napping and laying on her activity mat.
  • Like David, she seems to really enjoy her bouncer (both Brooke and Drew weren’t that into it).
  • She loves to stick her tongue out.
  • She still isn’t into using a pacifier, and at this point, I definitely don’t mind. My other kids would wake up when their pacifiers fell out, and since she doesn’t use one, that doesn’t happen to her.

One thought on “Baby Amber: 6 & 7 Month Updates

  1. Fannie Daly January 24, 2023 / 8:20 pm

    Amber is adorable ! Thank you so much for sharing these sweet photos of her to me !! May she always be blessed and happy. Sending lots of love. aunt, Fannie

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