An Easter Moment With David

This afternoon found David and I sitting on the couch practicing for his pre-school’s Easter program. My three younger kids were napping, so it was just him and me. We stopped and talked about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and what it means and why we celebrate Easter. The conversation lasted less than five minutes but it was meaningful to me. I felt peace, warmth, and joy as we talked. I love these one-on-one moments with my kids. I love talking with them about the Savior and seeing them start to understand His importance and impact on their lives. David is growing so fast. My sister-in-law commented to me yesterday how much David seems to have developed intellectually over the last few months. I agree and I’m so grateful I get to be his mom and have a front row seat watching him learn and grow!

Drew Turns Two

Near the start of the year, we celebrated Drew’s second birthday. The kids and I went to a kids museum near our home during the day (John was at work) and that night we all had pizza (Drew’s favorite food) and cake to celebrate. We once again had a lemon cake. Last year, I was sick on his birthday, and all we had at home was a boxed lemon cake mix we had meant to use during the Christmas season to make John’s grandma’s lemon bars. Drew seemed to like the lemon cake the first year, so I decided to make it again. He seemed to once again enjoy it, so perhaps it will become a tradition. The Sunday after his birthday, Melissa, Keri, and Uncle David came over for a birthday celebration.

Facts about two-year-old Drew:

  • Fun, funny, energetic, joyful, silly, playful are all words that describe Drew.
  • I would not be surprised if he ends up being the comedian in our family. He loves to laugh and he loves to make us laugh.
  • Gives lots of hugs (sometimes his siblings do not appreciate this when they’re laying on the floor watching a show, and Drew lays on top of them to give them a hug haha).
  • Has dance moves. We dance to a song every night before bed and Drew really gets into it.
  • Right around the time he turned two, his vocabulary exploded. In the last two months, he’s gone from saying 5-10 words to saying 30+. My favorite right now is when he walks around the kitchen saying “hungry, hungry.” Neither of my older two kids did this.
  • He’s at the top of the growth chart in size.
  • LOVES baby shark.