Life Lately – Spring 2020

I figured I’d write a post with some pictures from the spring. The pandemic is keeping us close to home. We were supposed to go to Iowa for Memorial Day Weekend and to Utah in July, but like most people, our plans have changed.

We feel fortunate to have moved to our new home right before everything shut down and people started quarantining. We have more land and there are only five houses in our new neighborhood (two of them are under construction). So, we haven’t felt too confined. I do miss being able to take the kids to the library, the pool, and Chick-Fil-A (although we don’t live that close to a Chick-Fil-A anymore). I know restaurants are beginning to reopen, but I think we’re going to place it safe a bit longer and keep doing take out orders.

One of the positive aspects of this whole quarantine experience is I learned how to cut David’s hair. His hair grows so fast. I used to take him to the hair salon once a month (which meant we spent $20+ per month on a 2-year-old’s hair haha), but now I think I’ll just cut it from home myself. I also cut John’s hair during quarantine. It didn’t turn out as well as it does when he goes to the barber, but two of his co-workers did ask him if he had it professionally cut, so I think that’s a win! (Below is a picture of David after I cut his hair. He didn’t want to smile at the camera, so this is the best picture I got).

Most mornings our living room is filled with toys. Here’s a picture of Brooke smiling with one of her favorite walking toys. She just started being able to walk on her own without any help this past weekend. About a month ago, she started taking a couple steps on her own, but not more than like five. On Sunday, I watched and counted as she took over 30 steps in a row.

David and Brooke got a number of new toys for Christmas. Since I knew we were moving, I kept most of them packed away. We’ve slowly started bringing them out. David and John found a creative use for David’s John Deere lego truck haha.

We bought a splash pad off of Amazon. We tried it out a couple weeks ago, and I think we’ll end up using this a lot this summer since we’re not able to go to the pool. David loves it and Brooke is warming up to it.

I took the picture below from my sister’s Instagram stories. John got me a fire pit as an early birthday present. On Memorial Day Weekend, we tried it out. David had his first ever s’more. I don’t think he likes how messy s’mores are, but he had a fun time staying up late with the grown-ups after Brooke went to bed.

David “helped” John put up ceiling fans in our family room and living room. This was David’s first home improvement project 😉

We’ve gone on a lot of walks over the last few months. I used to take the kids on a walk every day. Since the weather is getting hotter, I normally go for my daily walk before they wake up. We’ve gotten a lot of use out of our Burley stroller and thankfully Brooke and David love it.

Well, that’s a wrap for now!