First Haircuts

Brooke had her first haircut this week! She and Grandma Kathy went together to get haircuts, and David and I tagged along.

After she got her hair cut, Miss Faye, her hairdresser, styled her hair in a braid (Brooke loves braids).

Drew also received his first haircut a few weeks ago. He was in desperate need of a haircut and I did it at home. He was a bit wiggly and it was far from a perfect cut haha. It’s grown out a little bit so the uneven areas are less noticeable.

David’s First Primary Talk

David gave his first talk in primary (Sunday school for children ages 4-11). He did a great job. His talk was on the Sabbath Day. My favorite part was how he began by joyfully saying, “Good morning, everyone!”

David is learning and growing at a rapid pace. I’m consistently surprised by the things he remembers. We’ve been studying the Old Testament this year and for the first time, it seems like his beginning to remember scripture stories. I’m grateful I get to be his mom.